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  1. isetta250 Member

    In a translation English to Spanish referred to a Hydraulic oil heat exchanger how should I translate the following:

    "12 gauge green to fuse panel or battery 30 amp slow blow fuse"

    I will be very thankfull for your suggestions.
  2. mora Senior Member

    Canada, English

    There is not enough context to know exactly. My guess is that it is a 12 gauge green wire to fuse panel or battery , complete with a 30 amp slow blow fuse . Per the rules of the forum, you should make an attempt at translating it, and we will help you correct it.

  3. isetta250 Member

    Thank you Mora for your suggestion.

    It's kind of difficult when you have to translate some diagrams which are not within a context.

    However, my attempt partially based on your idea would be:

    "Cable verde de calibre 12 conectado al panel de fusibles o al fusible de 30 amperes de la batería que es menos probable que se queme"

    What do you think?

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