1. luisiko Senior Member

    México, español
    Could anyone tell me if I am correct with this translation into English?
    13 mil = 13 thousand
    Am I correct with the words above? Is this the correct way of writting it in English?
    Thank you!!
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  2. FC7user

    FC7user Senior Member

    US English
    I believe that it should either be 13,000 (13000 is an alternate form; I don't know which is more correct in finances) or thirteen thousand. Maybe you shouldn't mix numbers and words as in '13 thousand'? On the other hand, I'm not involved with finances, so this may be the correct protocol after all.
  3. FC7user

    FC7user Senior Member

    US English
    Just thought of something. In expressing millions in finance ($3,000,000 for example) in English, we do mix numbers and figures. What I do not know is if this applies to thousands as well. Maybe someone with a bit more experience could help out?
  4. lilsurfer2020 Member

    English- United States
    Usually we dont mix them. 13,000 or thirteen thousand is better. You would not say thirteen 1000 nor 13 thousand in writing.

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