1900s are or is?

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Oliver Sparrow

Hi everyone,

I have a doubt about the correct grammar of this construction
I would say "1900s are" because it refers to a decade lasting 10 years...
Meantime, I would say "1990s is" because it refers to a specific period, a decade.

So, what is the right perspective?

Thank you!
  • .synq

    English (Ireland)
    Well, firstly, it would be past-tense.

    I think you would say "The 1900's were" because it is referring to every single year in that time period, not the time period as a whole-a century.


    Senior Member
    If I read "the 1900's are...", I'll think about all the 1900's, the entire twentieth century. I'd still use "are" or "were" for the 1990's. "The 1990's were a turbulent decade".
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