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un petit doute sur " -present " dans le libellé suivant :

from 1931-present, the building acted an ambassador of NY....

c'est : depuis 1931 jusqu'à aujourd'hui/encore maintenant, ou dès 1931 (mais pas encore forcément aujourd'hui) ? merci.
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    Note that the English sentence could be improved. First, if it is talking about a time period up to and including the present, the sentence should say, "From 1931-present, the building has acted as an ambassador..."

    Also, it it not common usage to write "From 1931-present." Better: "From 1931 to the present." Save the hyphen for uses like: "During the period 1912-1922, Picasso painted..."


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    belated remerciements, je n'étais pas revenue sur ce post. la précision sur le tiret m'a conforté dans l'idée que cette transcription était "originale".
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    If anyone is still following this thread, I am wondering about the use of the hyphen in a heading in a CV. Under "work experience", the jobs are listed with the years employed, e.g. "1999 - 2004" etc. Then the last one says "2008 - present". Would it be correct in French to say "2008 au présent"? Please advise. I'd be grateful for help from someone with experience in this area!
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