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    "Los alumnos y profesores de la 1a División" .

    The school is a seminary; no other context pertaining to the school itself.

    First Division sounds a little strange to me. Does it refer to age (i.e. eldest/youngest pupils) or ability (i.e. top class)

    If anyone knows or could clarify, that would be great.

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    Not even a country? And you're sure it doesn't relate to athletics (there are probably athletic teams in seminaries, and teachers for that purpose ....)
    I took a little look. In the two places I saw this in a non-sport context (one in Argentina, one in Spain) it seemed to relate to 1) a subject division of the curriculum, a specialty or major 2)a classification related to paying, scholarship, or publically subsidised students. Any other detail you can give, especially geographic, might enable people from that country to think about this. Thanks.
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    THank you for looking. The seminary was in France in the early 20th century - other than that there are no details. I think i will put both alternatives as a translator's note.

    Thanks again for your trouble. :)
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    You are certainly welcome, but pardon me if I point out that though you said "there is no context," how important the actual context -- time and place -- would be in the answer to this question; you're actually dealing with a Spanish rendering of a French official name of about a century ago. There is a guideline on context that you need to keep in mind when you post: it's here.

    Good luck.

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