2 m de large sur hauteur de l’étage

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  1. cari51 Senior Member

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    A quick question on the way dimensions are described in Fr, I haven't come across this before so I wanted to check

    les dimensions : 2m de large sur hauteur de l’étage

    does this mean, dimensions: 2m across by the height of one floor?

    Any tips warmly welcome!


    It's taken from a contract for a construction project, the objects being constructed are prototypes parts of a possible school campus, the full sentence is

    Ces cellules décorées auront à minima les dimensions : 2m de large sur hauteur de l’étage
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  2. nobbs Senior Member

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    Hello cari51,
    It's a bit unclear. What kind of object are we talking about?
  3. moustic Senior Member

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    I think you're right, cari51. The element is 2 metres wide and as high as one floor.

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