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Discussion in 'English Only' started by veracity, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. veracity

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    "I've not got time to read all this, at the moment, but I had to do a little chuckle of recognition at myself as a likely contender for your linguistic 2-step straddle (It'll be on Strictly Come Dancing next year!)" by suzi br in standard language thread.

    I know what a 4-step straddle ladder means:

    But what is 2-step straddle in this context?

  2. suzi br

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    In this context it was a very specific reference back to something that chu had said (can't recall the exact phrase but it is at the start of her thread) I sort of made a joke of it, and extended the idea to a dance step.

    I had no idea about dancing or 4 step straddles either - though I think a 2-step is a sort of dance ... it was just for fun and not to be replicated in any other context!
  3. bibliolept

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    Unless I missed some part of the joke, "two-step" refers to dancing and "straddle" describes failing to take a stance (metaphorically "straddling a fence" or refusing to take a stance, trying to stay on both sides of an issue).

    The poster was comically suggesting that people were trying to be both "for" and "against" something at the same time, which requires, figuratively, some creative "dancing."
  4. veracity

    veracity Senior Member

    Thanks, fine bibliolept. :)
  5. cuchuflete

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    You read it exactly as I meant it when I wrote it. I think Suzi understood it perfectly, as shown by her reply.
  6. Forero Senior Member

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    Curiously, I think there is a straddle somewhere in the two-step. One partner steps directly between the other's feet. The two-step is sometimes used figuratively for any "tricky" manoeuvre. Besides straddling an issue, a politician may also sidestep it - another dance move. ;)

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