20 feet down an embankement


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The phrase I'm trying to put into Spanish that someone was found 20 feet down an embankment.

This is the context. A woman was in a fight with a man, and he picked her up and threw her down an embankment. When police arrived, they found her 20 feet down an embankment.

My attempt:

La encontraron tras haber caido 20 pies por una barrancada / terraplén.

Look forward to your suggestions.
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    I would say "la encontraron a 20 pies de...".
    Now, the top of a barranco is called la cima, and the top of a terraplén is called la explanada. So if you want to indicate the 20 feet was the distance from the top, you need to be more specific. To me a barranco is a ravine, a natural formation, while a terraplén is manmade.
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