20% fines (soil, dust)


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The granular soils contained less than 18 to 20% fines ........

Les sols granuleux contenaient moins de 18 à 20 % de ?? (je pendais à sable fin ???)

Merci de votre aide !!
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    Trouvé: teneur en fines - fines content
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    I am translating a brief about Charcoal Production in Retort Kilns. Particularly, the text explains how to make "charbriquettes". This is the English sentence:

    Dust particles of charcoal, known as ‘fines’, are bound together and compressed.

    I'm just wondering if I should just go with the French "fines" as well:

    Les particules de poussière de charbon, que l’on appelle également des « fines », sont rassemblées et compressées.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who would like to revive this very old tread with me. Perhaps should we add something to the title? (Charcoal production?)
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