2009 - how do you say it?

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  1. gti New Member

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    When I learnt French at school we used to say the year as dix-neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix but I want to know the correct way to say 2009 (two thousand and nine) is it deux mille neuf?

  2. Donaldos

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    deux mille neuf, you're right!
  3. Fred_C

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    For 1958 and any year before the year 2000 there are three ways :
    "mille neuf cent cinquante-huit"
    "dix-neuf cent cinquante-huit"
    "mil neuf cent cinquante-huit". (this alternate spelling can be used only for years)

    For the year 2000 and the years after, writing "deux mille neuf..." is the only possibility.

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