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Sara Lee

Senior Member
Hi everyone, could you please help me with a question?

Q. Context: There is a choir song video, which is newly released in 2019.

1. Choir of 200 Christians | 2019 Most Classic Chorus
2. Choir of 200 Christians | Classic 2019 Chorus
3. Choir of 200 Christians | Classic Chorus of 2019
4. Choir of 200 Christians | Most Classic 2019 Chorus

Which ones are fine? Which one is more proper?
(I need to include "2019" in the second part. )
  • owlman5

    Senior Member
    Why do you want to use the word classic in your description, Sara Lee? It seems far too early to say that some choral performance that was recorded in 2019 is classic.

    When I see classic used in a description of some piece of art or music, I think of something like this definition, which I found in the American Heritage Dictionary:

    c. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.
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