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I've found a sentence I don't know how to translate one word of it in Spanish.
I've been seeing existing threads about "lifestyle" word but I
didn't find what would be the accurate meaning in the following sentence:

The new Current Account with value added features such as 24 hour lifestyle
and emergency assistance in English.

Literally lifestyle is "estilo de vida", but as you see, it doesn't run well in this sentence, or at the very least I think so.

Could you help me about it?
Thank you.
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    Who knows what it means? It makes no sense. I don't even know if it's native.
    Maybe it means 24-hour lifestyle assistance. I don't know what that would be, though.


    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Tampoco estoy 100% segura de qué se trata este "ilfestyle assistance" que mencionan, pero aquí te dejo mi interpretación inicial:

    ...with features such as 24-hour lifestyle and emergency assistance in English = ...con atributos tales como ayuda/asistencia de emergencia y consejos de estilo de vida disponible las 24 horas en inglés.

    Espero que te ayude.


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    Thank you for your answer.

    I think the most probably is really like you say.
    I agree with you. I think the "assistance" word is omitted regarding "24 hour lifestyle".
    I think there can be no other possibility.

    "24 hour lifestyle and emergency assistance" that actually would say
    "24 hour lifestyle assistance and emergency assistance in English"

    Refered sentence appears in a Barclays Bank's brochure
    that I picked up this morning.

    Best regards from Barcelone.
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