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  1. Guirufa New Member

    I'm translating a page from the Civil Registry documenting a marriage from Spanish to English. It reads:
    Hora: dieciocho horas dieciocho minutos.
    Do I translate this as:
    1: eighteen minutes past eighteen o´clock
    2: eighteen minutes past eighteen hundred hours
    3: eighteen hundred hours and eighteen minutes
    4: something completely different?
    This one is really throwing me for a loop.
    Please help!
  2. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    American English
    My first choice would be "6:18 PM"

    We generally don't use 24-hour time in the US. When it is used, we often refer to it as "military time." Given that this is not a military context, I think that translating it to standard time (12-hour clock with AM and PM) would be best. We also generally don't write out the time if it involves minutes.
  3. Guirufa New Member

    Thank you RicardoelAbogado! I'll write out: eighteen minutes past six pm. As this is a formal document and writing out the time is most apt but it is not a millitary context I can escape the 24-hour fiasco.

    For curiosity's sake, how would one write out 24 hour time?

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