$250 billion of imports

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Is it clear that "$250 billion of imports" refers to "$250 billion of imports from China to America"? Or refers to "$250 billion of imports from America to China"?

It is not clear to me. Either way appears to be possible.


A source previously told Reuters that Chinese negotiators wanted the United States to drop 15% tariffs on about $125 billion worth of Chinese goods that took effect on Sept. 1.

They also sought relief from earlier 25% tariffs on about $250 billion of imports, ranging from machinery and semiconductors to furniture.

Source: Reuters NOVEMBER 7, 2019

China says it has agreed with U.S. to cancel tariffs in phases
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    The context, as stated in the previous sentence, is imports from China to the U.S. Also, 'They" in this sentence can only refer to the Chinese negotiators since they are the only people who have been mentioned. Chinese negotiators can only ask the U.S. to drop tariffs, and the U.S. can only apply tariffs on imports in that direction. Chinese negotiators could not possibly ask the U.S. to reduce tariffs on U.S. imports to China, since the U.S. does not control those tariffs.
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