25th anniversary, one word

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  • entangledbank

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    No is the simple answer. If you had to use a single word, quarter-centenary would be possible, but this is dangerously close to quatercentenary, a 400th anniversary.


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    I agree with entangledbank. No one I've ever know has used a single word for any kind of anniversary, except for decade, century and millennium (and I'm sure a few other insignificant things). Typically for a relationship you would just say 25th anniversary. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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    There is one word for a 20-year anniversary or something that happens once in 20 years, bidecennial. Is there such a word for 25 years too, please?

    Thanks a lot!
    I am not convinced that bidecennial would be understood by any other than a handful of BE speakers. Even then there would be much head-scratching and wondering if it meant that something happened twice every ten years or once every other ten years. Every twenty years would have to be vigintennial. I think every twenty-five years would have to be vigintiquinquennial.

    25th anniversary seems somewhat simpler to understand.


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    Just to clarify Thomas1's answer: a "silver anniversary" is used to mean the 25th anniversary of someone's wedding, and there are others (golden=50, ruby=40...) but these are only used of wedding anniversaries. For the 25th anniversary of something else, we don't have a word.


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    If you look, you will find that there are many examples of silver anniversary used with reference to occasions other than wedding anniversaries.

    However, after a great deal of detailed analysis I have decided that the term silver anniversary consists of two words. So that won't do.

    I have never seen bidecennial before and there is no point in trying it out.
    No one would have any idea what I meant.
    OK, a few smarties would, but I don't write/speak for smarties.
    It's not in the OED :)
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