26.2 billion U.S. transactions


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But surely not all of the 26.2 billion U.S. transactions that credit cards are responsible for annually fall under those three categories of exceptions. In the U.S., where individuals hold 3.7 credit cards on average, they remain the predominant plastic means of payment, accounting for a little more than half of consumer payments made in the U.S. by value. (It's likely that cards owe part of their current popularity to the fact that they're the best way to buy things online—but it seems wiser to link your Amazon account to debit, not credit.)

(This comes from theatlantic.com Against Credit Cards by JOE PINSKER on APR 23, 2015.)

Does the blue part mean "26.2 billion transactions (like 26 apples)" or "transactions worth 26.2 billion dollars"?

Thanks in advance!
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