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  1. AdwinK New Member

    Hi there,

    I'd like to make a t-shirt that says


    with the word "go" and possibly the numbers as well in Japanese characters - but I'm having trouble finding out what sort of characters to use. Kanji, hiragana, katakana? Is there a difference in meaning when using different characters for the word go? And does the word get a different meaning depending on how you write it? I don't want it meaning "to go to the beach" for example but rather "let's go!" or something similar, I think you get the meaning I'm looking for. On this forum I found a thread (the link to which I am not allowed to post being a new member) called "Let's go" about the term "let's go" with a member answering with the characters:

    Is "ikuzo" the word I'm looking for, and would it be correct to use it written in the characters this member wrote? Is it kanji, hiragana or katakana (or something else completely)?

    In the same thread there was also a discussion about the term "ikuzo" being informal masculine speech, would it be weird for me, being a girl, to wear it on a t-shirt?

    I'm so sorry if my questions are exceptionally stupid and if I'm asking the most obvious things, but I have no knowledge whatsoever of the Japanese language and it seems so different from Swedish, English, Spanish or any other languages I've tried to learn. I've come up with several different character combinations for the word "ikuzo" or directly translated from "go" or "let's go", but since there are so many different examples most of them are bound to be wrong, and I don't want to walk around wearing a t-shirt that says that I'm a stupid potato or something else completely irrelevant.

    Thank you so much in advance, I hope I made my questions clear and that someone is able and willing to help me!
  2. Tonky Senior Member

    No, it is not stupid at all, don't worry.

    "行くぞ!/ikuzo" sure is masculine, but words on T-shirt should not bother masculine or feminine, at least to me. It means "I'm going".
    You could also say "行け!/ike"(an order form of go) or ”さぁ!/saa"(a shout or a call) or "行こう!/ikou"(let's go), "今だ!/imada"(Now!).

    One thing to note, counting down is not very Japanese-ish, because when we do this, we usually shout, 「1、2の3!」and 3 means "go".
    Do not misunderstand, though, counting down is common enough and we all understand, it is just not as common as its alternative and when we actually count down and say "Go!", we most likely prefer saying "ゴー!/goo" mimicking English. Or, in a very informal way, "それ!/sore"("there!") which would look uncool for T-shirts.

    After all, we do not find Japanese phrases written on T-shirt "cool" unless it has a strong message and rather use English or some foreign words that we do not understand if for a design. I would not recommend using kanji for numbers, but hey, it is up to you!
    If you really want Japanese to find it cool, it is always best to have it in English or Swedish or whatever we hardly understand.
    Have you seen the T-shirts we Japanese wear with lots of funny foreign nonsense phrases and how we get to be laughed? :p
  3. AdwinK New Member


    thank you so much for you reply! I understand that Japanese people might not find t-shirts with text in Japanese very cool but a t-shirt with Swedish text would be very cool, because it's the exact opposite here: a t-shirt with Swedish text is probably seen as very boring and unoriginal but a tee with Japanese text is pretty damn cool :) What we don't understand is exotic.

    Japanese translations of English can be so adorable :)

    I'll probably use "行け!/ike", ”さぁ!/saa" or "行こう!/ikou" depending on which one will look best painted on! :) Again, thank you so much for your answer! Now I feel confident that I'm not gonna put anything stupid on the tee!

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