3D Printing café ? 3D Printer Café or 3D Print Café ?


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I would like to know what's sounds better in English :

- 3D Printing Café
- 3D Printer Café
- 3D Print Café

to describe a place where anyone can access to a 3D printer for a fee ?

This concept is new and I am looking for a word who sounds like cybercafé or internetcafé ?

Thanks for your help
  • Egmont

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    "3D Printing Café" refers to the activity, "3D Printer Café" refers to the device, and "3D Print Café" doesn't mean anything since the output of a 3D printer is not usually called a print.

    My preferences are:

    1. 3D Printer Café (closest to "Internet café")
    2. 3D Printing Café (also correct in English)
    3. 3D Print Café (as noted above, not meaningful, though you can still use it as the name of something)
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