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    Hello, I'm on the Japanese wikipedia article for my hometown, and I came across this sentence: モンテレイ (Monterrey) はメキシコ第三の都市でありヌエボ・レオン州州都である。
    I understand the second half of it fine, I'm just confused about the first part. I know that Monterrey is the third LARGEST city in Mexico, but I can't find where it says that. As far as I know, it just says that Monterrey is the "third city in mexico", which doesn't make too much sense to me.

    Am I being too literal? Is there some idiomatic meaning? I know "" means "third", but is there a nuance to it I'm not getting? Thanks in advance!
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    There is no nuance in 第三 per se. It's only that cities are most typically ranked by population size.

    For that matter I cannot help wondering if "large" in a corresponding English sentence is not also ambiguous. It's only that the context is comparison of cities that largeness is that of population size.

    And welcome to the WordReference Forums, wingedfire!

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