3rd module intermediate level


Hi guys,
I have to translate:

"3rd module intermediate level"

It's the third module of an international course...

It's correct to say

استمارة الثالثة مستوى متوسط

Should I use the article?

Thanks to everybody
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    Welcome to the forums.

    If, by module, you mean a 'section' or 'unit' of a larger set, then I would just use وحدة which means 'unit'. With that my try is الوحدة الثالثة من المستوى المتوسط or الوحدة الثالثة للمستوى المتوسط. You can wait for a native speaker for a definitive answer.
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    Please explain what you mean by "course" here, as the term means different things in British English and American English.

    In British English, "course" is used to mean what would be called a "course of study" in American English, and a "module" in British English is a "course" in American English. I've never come across "module" used in this context in American English, so I assume that you are using the terms with their British English meanings, but a confirmation wouldn't hurt. :)


    To be more precise this module is one of a series of conferences, so it's not exactly a course, we could say it's a meeting...
    so "third meeting intermediate level"...
    Could I use "igtima'a" for meeting?

    Many thanks


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    "meeting": الاجتماع الثالث - المستوى المتوسط
    "conference": المؤتمر الثالث - المستوى المتوسط
    "unit": الوحدة الثالثة - المستوى المتوسط

    I think "unit" (Josh's suggestion) would probably work well in this context; it's about as vague and general as "module." :)
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