3rd party event organisers

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je voudrais traduire cette ceci:

‘Ignition’ to liaise with 3rd party event organisers to evaluate the nature of the attendance at the event and review the potential for undesirable behaviour. Where appropriate staff to be
briefed to avoid confrontation. Additional security to be deployed by ‘ignition’ where specific site conditions dictate. Any such security to be SIA authorised or appropriate.

je ne sais pas comment traduire 3rd party event organisers

pouvez-vous m´aider?

  • Moon Palace

    Senior Member
    I would suggest:
    'les entreprises organisatrices d'événement' since what is referred to is the people participating in the organisation of an event that is not for themselves, but for a third party.
    If you wish to be more literal you could say 'les organisateurs d'événement pour un tiers', but it really sounds weird. If the organisation of the event is made through a contract, they become real firms.


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    Canada; English
    Moon Palace, I think the events are not organised for a third party but by a third party on behalf of the contracting company. So I'd suggest

    les personnes externes organisatrices d'événements
    les entreprises externes organisatrices d'événements

    The "event" in question may be an AGM of shareholders where management expects a bit of unpleasantness and therefore feels a need for having an attendance profile in hand and additional security deployed.


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    France, Français
    Je dirais les organisateurs partenaires, cad des sociétés tierces qui se chargent d'une partie de l'organisation (3rd party = sociétés tierces, en plus de l'organisateur principal et des participants).

    Moon Palace

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    My mistake indeed. Sorry ladymarione for misleading you. :eek: And thanks bh7 and JDS for correcting my mistake. :) I believe I would have thought of 'outsourcing' in English to convey this idea, hence my going in the wrong direction.
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