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    Hola, me he dado cuenta que no se leer en voz alta los precios en inglés. Y por eso acudo a su ayuda.
    Necesito que me ayuden a saber leer cantidades como los siguientes ejemplos: $3,300dlls. $4,550dlls. $2,255dlls.

    Yo entiendo que la cantidad $4,550 se lee así: Four thousand, five hundred and fifty dollars. Pero he escuchado quién lo dice como: "fourtyfive and fifty dollars" Es esto correcto?

    Otro ejemplo sería: $1,650 dolares. Entiendo que se lee así: "One thousand, six hundred and fifty dollars" Pero es correcto decir: "Sixteen hundred and fifty five"?

    Pueden ayudarme con esto por favor? Necesito hablar con un cliente y no quiero escucharme muy extraña al mencionar los precios como numeros ordinarios.

    Gracias por su ayuda.
  2. NickL

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    You have it right, more or less. Unfortunately there are many ways to say numbers.

    $4,550 - Four thousand five hundred and fifty dollars.
    $1,650 - One thousand six hundred and fifty dollars.
    $3,300 - Three thousand three hundred dollars.

    That would be the official and formal way to say those dollar quantities....

    Americans frequently talk dollars in hundreds (hundred dollar bills), and when we know we are talking dollars (or euros or pounds etc..) we often stop saying dollars etc...

    $4,550 - forty five fifty, (context will mean that we don't think $45,50) or even forty five and a half.
    $1,650 - sixteen fifty, (ditto) or even sixteen and a half. Sixteen hundred and fifty also possible (perhaps more GB than US eng)
    $3,300 - thirty three hundred.
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  3. auno trovago

    auno trovago Senior Member

    We are taught, as opposed to common practice, not to use "and" after "hundred": four thousand two hundred forty-two.
    Sin embargo, se oyerá el "and" a menudo.
  4. Doraemon- Senior Member

    "Spanish - Spain" "Catalan - Valencia"
    Pequeña errata: oirá.
  5. Bevj

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    English (U.K.)
    In BrE, the and is never omitted.
  6. Amapolas

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    Castellano rioplatense
    What I learnt in another forum some years ago is that in American English the and is normally used for the decimal point, so 4242.50 = four thousand two hundred forty two and fifty.
  7. AnnaMadrid New Member


    You say it right NickL: "Unfortunately". That's why this is so confuse, but now I think I understand :)
    Thank you for your help!
  8. MeganB New Member

    English - USA
    I would say:

    $3300 "Three thousand three hundred dollars" or "Thirty-three hundred dollars"

    $4550 "Four thousand five hundred (and) fifty dollars"

    $2255 "Two thousand two hundred (and) fifty-five dollars"

    In the latter two, I might or might not use "and", depending on how fast I were talking. I probably wouldn't use the "hundreds" construction if there are non-zero digits below the hundreds column, as in the second two examples. It makes it more complicated to say and understand.
  9. Amapolas

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    Castellano rioplatense
    That's exactly how I was taught this many years ago. Also, if it's a round thousand number, as in 2000, 3000, 4000...

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