4 feet off the ground


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Hello :)
What does exactly "4 feet off the ground" mean? Do feet simply mean wheels?

"The car ploughed into a tree and ended up at a 45 degree angle, 4 feet off the ground."

Thank you
  • liliput

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    A foot is an imperial unit of measurement equal to thirty centimetres, the plural is feet.
    The car was 120cm above the ground


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    I should add that it's still fairly common in Britain to use imperial measurements, especially among the older generation. I'm not so old but I still tend to think of my height in feet and inches, and my weight in stone, although I know both in standard metric units too, and use metric for most other things. Distances and speeds on the roads are still measured in miles in the US (I think) and in the UK. I believe Americans talk about peoples weight in pounds.