48-hour news cycle


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It's this film, "Nothing but the truth".
There is a journalist in prison for not revealing a source
who exposed a CIA agent.
Anyway, in prison, her advocate, trying to convince her to let go and tell who the source is, say to her,
" You want to know why no paper
in this country, including your own, has continued covering your story?
Why don't you tell me?
Because your 48-hour news cycle
dried up months ago." As a matter of fact, she's been some months in prison.
I am not getting this 48-hour news cycle.
Does he mean that the news about her bear no interest any more because nobody cares about it? Or maybe something else?

Thank you
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    Yes, you pretty much understand it. He is saying that the news cycle - the amount of time a given event is still considered "news" is only forty-eight hours long.
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