5 aller-retour par jour

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Je voudrais exprimer l'idée suivante :

High speed train : 5 aller retour par jour

Comment dit on
5 return a day?
Cela ne me convient pas vraiment...

Merci par avance à ceux qui peuvent m'aider.
  • Docbike

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    Hi. Just to say "5 returns a day" doesn't work in BE or AE. You need to use "round trips".


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    english, UK
    Exactly right. In fact, the "ticket" is usually omitted, as in "A return to Paris, please".


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    If you're expressing the concept that it's the train (or whatever) which makes the trip there and back five times a day, rather than the passenger, I think I'd go for "return services" rather than "return/round trips".
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