5 years ago+a long time ago

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  1. T0B1AS Member

    estados unidos
    english USA
    "5 years ago" y "a long time ago" en espanol

    also,what is "lo de"?????
  2. rocioteag

    rocioteag Senior Member

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    Español / México
    Hace 5 años - 5 years ago
    Hace mucho tiempo - a long time ago
  3. PPC Senior Member

    Debes darle titulo a tu pregunta. Asi se sabe de que se trata.
  4. Mafelo505 Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish / Argentina

    "5 years ago" , "hace 5 años"
    "a long time ago" , "hace mucho tiempo"

    "lo de" ??? In what context ?
  5. Eugin

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    Argentina (Spanish)

    Here I copy you the link to the dictionary of WR so that you can look for the terms yourself, before posting… Ago

    A long time ago = hace mucho tiempo

    As regards "lo de", you cannot just leave those two words whithout a context, you need to give us a whole sentence so that it makes sense...
  6. Arnaldo Alegré

    Arnaldo Alegré Senior Member

    Español (Nativo) + English (Master) + Français (Débutant)

    You can say:
    "hace 5 años" and "hace largo/bastante tiempo".

    About "lo de", well it's a expression used as a reference ... more context would be useful!

    "Me acuerdo de lo de ayer" = "I remember what happens yesterday"
    "¿Sabes lo de Maria?" = "¿Do you know about Maria?"
  7. tigger_uhuhu

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    spanish-mx ct
    Hi Tob1as...

    You will notice I changed your thread's title (which used to read simply "como se traduce...." and therefore was too vague) to include the actual phrases you needed help with.

    From now on, please write down the actual phrase (or a specific term, when applicable) on the title of each new thread you open, as this
    1) assists and is directly linked our dictionaries' Search function, and
    2) provides at-a-glance thread differentiation.

    Thanks in advance for your future cooperation in this regard. ;)


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  8. T0B1AS Member

    estados unidos
    english USA
    here is the context for "lo de"

    Lo De Nosotros
    Vamos A resolverlo
    Sin Miedo Dale Que Me Estassss
  9. nangueyra Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Sólo por si alguien lo vuelve a consultar.

    "Me acuerdo de lo de ayer" = "I remember what happens yesterday"
    Es "I remember what happened yesterday."

    "Happens" es para el Simple Present y "yesterday" se usa con Simple Past.


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