50 amp electric charge


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Context: it's a documentary about some sea creatures which produce electricity.

''The power of the 50 amp electric charge is clear from its impact on this fish, juddering in its final death throes.''

What is amp? I'm rather ignorant about science, but i know electric charge is measured in Coulomb, and not Ampere..or am I wrong??
I have to mention that it's a transcription of a film, so maybe the speaker even said something which sounds like ''amp'' but is written in a different way...(nothing comes to my mind).

And also, can someone explain me the first part of the sentence (in bold), because i'm not sure that i understand it.

many thanks in advance.
  • sdgraham

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    The use of "50 amp charge" appears to be electrically incorrect here. If, indeed, 50 amps had passed through the fish, there would be nothing left to twitch.

    Electical potential is measured in volts.
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