1. Swettenham

    Swettenham Senior Member

    I started a new thread because this is a new question.

    Respecto a tu pregunta, no te confundas: El término "50-cent word" no se refiere al rapper— el término nació primero. If the rapper 50 Cent coined any word, it was probably Wanksta.

    La frase empezó probablemente durante los días cuando 50 centados eran mucho dinero.

    Most words are a dime a dozen. But for the big ones, you have to invest something— the time it takes to learn them. So don't spend all your therefores in one place!

    ¡Saludos amigo!
  2. Swettenham

    Swettenham Senior Member

    For those of you who didn't see the beginning of this conversation in a previous thread:

    A 50-cent word is a word that makes you look smart when you use it.
  3. Eugens

    Eugens Senior Member

    Argentina Spanish
    Thanks a lot, Swettenham :). And don't worry, I do not deem time spent learning (even the dullest words) as time wasted, I actually enjoy it, for all words are interesting since they make me able to understand exactly what you native speakers mean. Saludos, my friend! :p
  4. Sheriff

    Sheriff Senior Member

    USA English & Spanish
    It is misspelled. It is centaVos.


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