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Kuku wrote an article titled "India Is Racist and Happy About It" in a leading Indian newsmagazine last year. In a post on his blog, he recounts a visit to a zoo: while he was watching a giraffe, some 50-odd families stopped in their tracks to stare at him. "But," he points out, "Indians don't only stereotype foreigners. They stereotype other Indians too."

Hi folks :

What does this "50-odd" mean here

Thanks beforehand
  • We've already had a very lively discussion about this, leivev:


    There is a surprising amount of disagreement about it. Some of us think it can only mean more than 50 (supported by the WR dictionary), whilst others (like Hermione) take it to mean approximately (a bit more or a bit less than) 50.

    Apparently, if I say I'm 70-odd years old, there are people who actually think I might be 68!

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    Thank you guys, I previously thought it would be a band, pop musical ones , or some idiom thing, I didn't specific the meaning of odd which I never encounter before.

    Hermione Golightly

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    That's an interesting point. I am sure I don't use (age)-odd to mean anything but the age+.
    The more I think about it, the more I agree that X-odd in other contexts should be understood as more than X.

    So much to learn!

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