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OK, here we go. The book is "Carrion Comfort" by Dan Simmons. In the opening scenes (after the Prologue) three protagonists ("mind-vampires", one might say) sit in a comfy living room and preen on murders by proxy - they can "charm" a normal human being to make him/her do whatever they (the vampire) wish, including kill whomever they choose. They "present" their kills in the form of newspaper clippings (published information of unsolved, mysterious murders), photographs, videos etc.. One of them, Willi, says:
"But this is more interesting. Look at this.” Willi slid across several glossy black and white photographs. The NBC executive had murdered the five members of his family and drowned a visiting soap opera actress in his pool. He had then stabbed himself repeatedly and written 50 SHARE in blood on the wall of the bath house. “Reliving old glories, Willi?” asked Nina. “‘Death to the Pigs’ and all that?”

“No, goddamn it. I think it should receive points for irony. The girl had been scheduled to drown on the program. It was already in the script outline.”

My question is: What is this "50 SHARE" about? This is the only mention of this incident in the whole book, there are no more references, allusions, nothing.
Any and all thoughts will be welcome.

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    I found this on a website devoted to Rap: RapGenius.com
    30 Days Lyrics

    (by Run-D.M.C.)

    I got a 50 rating and a 50 share
    The line links to this explanation:
    Neilsen ratings are simple; one point for every percentage of housesholds equipped with TVs tuned in. Shares, on the other hand, are the percentage of TVs actually turned-on watching something. So to have a 50 in both would mean that every TV in America was on and only half of them were watching Run-DMC.

    I think that "50 Share" refers to the television rating: it is the Neilsen rating the NBC executive claims his performance/show (the murders and his suicide) would get.

    'Death to the Pigs'
    is a slogan from the 60's. That is a reference to murders led by Charles Manson. "Death to the pigs" was written in blood on the walls of the house where the murders took place. Replacing "Death to the pigs" with a slogan about ratings could be seen as ironic. [See the Wiki article on Charles Manson: 3.4 LaBianca murders ]
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