5000 Volts between current carrying parts and and metal surf


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Hello, i'm not sure about this phrase maybe some of you have a better idea, this is for a Light company and the text is about the description of light accesories and the pharse is "5000 Volts between current carrying parts and metal surfaces", i translated this as: "5000 voltios entre partes de transmisión y superficies metálicas comunes", but i am not sure, i would apreciate any help, thanx.
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    Voltage exists between parts, it comprises a difference of electrical potential between two points. Your text is expressing that the voltage between the elements that transport current and the metallic surfaces at ground potential is 5000 volts. I would say this:
    "5000 volts entre los elementos de transporte de corriente y las superficies metálicas".
    You can also say for current carrying parts "elementos con tensión/elementos energizados", this is not an exact translation but gives a clear idea in technical terms.

    Cheers! ;)
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