50th year anniversary / 50 years anniversary

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I know we normally use "50th anniversary", and "50th year anniversary" is also grammatically correct (though it's kind of weird because 'anniversary' already implies the same meaning as 'year')

But can we also use "50 years anniversary" ?

Thanks for the reply ^^

Ps. Today i saw a poster containing "50 year anniversary" and as I was thinking about the error this question popped out in my head :p
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    I would be surprised to see "50-year anniversary" because, as you say, the word "anniversary" contains the notion of "year". Where did you see the poster? I would be even more surprised to see "50 years anniversary".


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    I regard the use of "year" with "anniversary" as redundant since "anniversary" comes from the Latin word for "year." (annus)

    Those who say such things as "six-month anniversary" are simply misusing the word.

    From Wiktionary:

    Middle English: from Latin anniversarius ‘returning yearly,’ from annus ‘year’ + versus‘turning.’
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