51 mm from sides on 102 mm centres


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Hi there.
My question is regarding a test method to determine the heat release rate from cabin materials exposed to radiant heat (and cabin refers to a pilot cabin in an aircraft).

My question is that I cannot make any sense of these measurements:
Air Distribution System: The air entering the environmental chamber is distributed by a 6·3 mm thick aluminium plate having eight, N.o 4 drill holes, 51 mm from sides on 102 mm centres, mounted at the base of the environmental chamber.

My attempt:
Sistema de Distribución del Aire: El aire que entra en la recámara de quemado es distribuido por una lámina de aluminio de 6,3 mm de espesor, con 8 orificios de broca de taladro N.o 4, a 51 mm de los laterales y 102 mm en los centros, acoplada a la base de la recámara de quemado.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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