6-fold or six times

Aram Soroushian

Dear Friends,
Kindly please guide me which of the following two sentences is correct?
1. The proposed approach is 6-fold more efficient than the traditional approach.
2. The proposed approach is six times more efficient than the traditional approach.
Many thanks for your kind attention.
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  • much_rice

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    Hi, Aram,

    To me, #2 is more natural, but that might just be an American thing. I might say "they increased their efficiency six-fold," but for some reason "six-fold more efficient" trips me up a bit. I'd hesistantly say both are grammatical, though.


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    Merriam-Webster lists it only as a suffix

    Definition of FOLD


    Definition of -fold (Entry 5 of 5)

    1: multiplied by (a specified number) : times —in adjectives a sixfold increase and adverbs repay you tenfold

    2: having (so many) parts threefold aspect of the problem

    Aram Soroushian

    Thank you very much Much-rice, thank you very much Packard, I sincerely appreciate your kind attention and response. Have a very nice evening and future ahead.
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