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I am a host of a local English gathering (a place for students to practice English), the gathering is held every saturday in a coffee shop. Each time, each individual pays 50 yuan as the ticket. For example, this time we had 10 participants and we got 500. I said We because it means both the coffee shop owner and I. She's in charge of the snacks and drinks while I am in charge of teaching. She got 200 of the 500 while I got 300 of the 500, which means she takes 40 percent of the money.

Just now I was talking to my friend about my English gathering and the money I receive each time, I said:

I got 60 percent of the money.

Is it natural to use the bold?

Thank you so much.
  • heypresto

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    If you are talking about the money you habitually receive, then 'I get 60% of the money' would be correct. If you are only talking about the money you received after one (the most recent) gathering, then 'I got . . . ' would be correct.

    'Revenue' is not wrong, but I think it sounds a bit too 'grand' for this size of venture.


    Edit: After re-reading the OP, I see 'get' would be correct.
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