7 000 Lis48s

  • blasita

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    Spain. Left nine years ago
    ¡Congrats, Lis!

    May we enjoy your presence for many years to come!

    Thank you always for your help.


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    English - British
    I didn´t even know this part of the forum existed before. Thanks maid. I enjoy yours too.
    Alberto...I feel guilty every time I post on one of your threads...one of these days you´re going to recognise my avatar as being a pic I took in ... ahem ... las Malvinas ... sorry!


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    Lis... keep on posting on my threads as much as you can. Otherwise, how would I learn English?:p
    By the way...nice pic!. We also have penguins all over the shouth east of the country. So, if you need some more, just ask it.