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Hi, Hi, I am working on a file for Abu Dhabi Golf Championship. What do they mean by "72-hole masterclass"?

Unheralded Englishman Robert Rock produces a 72-hole masterclass to win the Championship and, in the process, holds off resurgent playing partner Tiger Woods in the final day’s final group.

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    72 holes is 4 rounds of golf played on an 18-hole course.

    A masterclass is when someone highly experienced in a particular activity gives a lesson.

    So, "Englishman Robert Rock produces a 72-hole masterclass to win…" means that Robert Rock played brilliantly during the 4 rounds. It suggests that he looked like a master and his opponents looked like learners.


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    72 holes is the standard length of a professional golf tournament. They play 18 holes on each of four days.

    The players play in groups of three. Groups on the last day are determined by players' positions after the first three days. The leading players play last to maintain spectator interest. Therefore, Rock and Woods were among the top three players after the first three days.

    (I may have mentioned this before, but a little background reading about golf would help you with this job.)
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