8 Ball Pool Game

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Hello Everyone,
Do you mind helping me with the authentic/accepted name of the game in the thread title? (I don't know anything about the game) Grammatically it should
be "8-ball pool game/eight-ball pool game" (with 1 hyphen) or "8-ball-pool game" (two hyphens but I think preferably the former, as I consider "pool game" to be a sort of compound noun/one term), but in Play Store and Google Play it appears without any hyphen at all (may be to enhance searchability, and I know hyphens are not very popular nowadays). If you had to write an article/web page on the game, how would you put the game's name in the title (and then in the text)?

Thanks a lot.

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  • boozer

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    When I am not on the forum or at work, I am usually at that game. :D

    I agree with your reasoning. For me it should be '8-ball pool'. However, I do not mind the 'hyphenless' version either. :)
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