8-Pack Master Carton $12.00/unit

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Portuguese - Brazil
If a product description related to equipment pieces says "8-Pack Master Carton $26.00/unit", what does it mean exactly?
- A master carton containing 8 packs of individual pieces?
- A master carton containing 8 pieces?
I'm confused. :(
  • Uncle Jack

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    I have worked in places where the quantity in a pack and price per unit are far from clear, and I expect every option you can think of has been used by somebody. If this is something you have seen, you had better ask the supplier what is meant.

    Either of your two options could be true (the word 'Master' inclines me to the first, but with no degree of certainty), and I would take $26 to be the price of one '8-pack Master Carton', but again this is far from certain.
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