90 pound mole taken off her ass

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    In an episode of TV series "The Sopranos", a character injures the overweight wife of an absent man saying that she :warning: "is having a 90-pound mole taken off her ass". Since in the Italian version the joke seems different (it is translated roughly like this: she has a bottom so big that it could hold a pier), I'd like to understand the litteral meaning of the sentence. Could you help me?
    Thanks a lot
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    A mole is a dark blemish on the skin, which often protrudes a bit from the skin surface around it. (The word also has other meanings, but they don't apply here.) This page has a picture of a mole.

    A pound is a unit of weight equal to about 455g. 90 pounds is therefore about 40 kg.
  3. stanzavuota

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    Italy, Italian
    Thank you very much, Egmont!

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