91"I 81"w 89"h

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    Good morning,
    Please, I need your help, this is taken from a magazine for carpenters to show different models of beds, dressers, armoires, etc for them to take as a guide; so, when the magazines shows a furnished bedroom for instance, in the bottom of the page it has a list of numbers that are placed in each furniture and gives these dates, I guess it might be the measurments of each piece of furniture, but I don´t know for certain, so please give your suggestion and in case you can the Spanish version:

    Eastern King:91"I 81"w 89"h
    Queen: 91"I 87"w 89"h
    Night stand: 28"w 17"w 30-1/4"h
    Dresser: 68"w 18"w 36"h
    Mirror: 43"I 3-3/4"d 50"h
    Chest: 36"w 18"d 50"h
    TV armoire 46"I 22"w 85"h

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    " means inches
    l (not "I") refers to length
    w refers to width
    h refers to height
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    And 'd' is 'depth'.
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    Thanks dear friends, you were very very helpful!!!

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