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Hello everyone! Does anyone know what a 'Well tray' is and how it is called in Italian? Here's the abstract:

'To screen the drugs, researchers pipetted --- into a tiny well of a 96-well tray. Each well was injected with a drug---'

Sounds like something commonly used in labs, so maybe it just translates as 'vassoio di cochette' or something as simple as that, but ...

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    Tray = vassoio (here),
    but in your context it looks like "tray" is used as "plate" ="microplate"
    96-well microplate = micropiastra da 96 pozzetti (well=pozzetto).
    If they add reagents into "well", they use a microplate
    There are also "piastre di raccolta da 96 pozzetti", where the volume of a well is more than in normal microplate
    According to this, it could work in your case
    So, they add reagent "nel pozzetto della (micro)piastra"

    Trays are usually used for tubes (and they hold up to 96 individual tubes)
    (tube = provetta , microcentifuge tube= conetto).
    If they add reagent into microtube, the tubes could be placed into tray
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    Bilingual Italian, English - American
    Thank you Elemika! Such a detailed answer too. I'll be using 'piastre di raccolta da 96 pozzetti'. :D All the best Angelicazefiro
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