____ a song


the only verb that comes to my mind is to rip off but that's not it ..
how do you say when you listen to a song and try to get the chords to play it yourself? you ____ a song.
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    Um . . .

    . . . you listen to songs and then try to play them by ear.

    To rip is to copy songs onto a computer. When there is no computer copying involved, we don't use that.


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    When you perform a song that was already released by another artist, you cover the song. This is usually only used when performing or recording it though.

    You could also say rip off, but this is usually derogatory - you may "rip off" a riff or a chord sequence from another artist, meaning you copied it without permission (this can get you in a lot of trouble though!)

    As Chevere33 pointed out, to rip a song is to upload it to your computer from a CD.


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    To rip off a song is to write a song extremely similar to the original.

    As to your actual question, I can't think of a better way to say it than "to learn the chords of a song". You could say, since you are listening to the song not looking at a chord book, "to figure out the chords of a song".


    hmm .. figure out the chords of a song is what i meant .. just thought there might be a shorter way to say it

    thank you all
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