_____ house over there is beautiful

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Would it be wrong if I would fill "the" in the blank instead of "that"?
_____ house over there is beautiful
Thank you
  • Dimcl

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    Canadian English
    The use of the words "over there" imply a "pointing out" of the house. If you imagine standing on a street with a friend and saying this phrase, you most likely would physically point to the house. In this scenario, you would say (pointing) "That house over there is beautiful".

    If you didn't physically point to the house, you would likely say "That house over there with the green roof is beautiful". Either way "That" is the word you want to use. Having said that, using "the" would not necessarily be "wrong" - it just wouldn't be natural.

    The Scrivener

    England. English
    Slightly different in BrEng. It is quite natural to say "the house over there is beautiful."

    Currently looking for a period property in a rural area I have said, "I'm not too keen on this house, but the house over there is beautiful. What a pity it isn't for sale."

    But I have to agree with Dimcl - "that" is more frequently used.
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