ağır / hafif


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İt translate as 'heavy' and 'light' but don't know what it mean.Anyone can give me some sentences as example? :)
  • FlyingBird

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    Gemiler ağırdır : Ships are heavy.

    Tüyler hafiftir : Feathers are light.
    İf i understood heavy and light is of the same meaning as 'hard' and 'easy' or i am wrong?

    is it something like:

    'i cannot hold those bags because they are to heavy and i am tired'

    'this guy is very skinny.He is very easy to hold'

    'This guy is very fat.he is very hard to hold'?


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    You should learn the English meanings first.

    Heavy-light doesn't have the same meaning with hard-easy.

    Heavy-light is about weight/mass and hard-easy is about difficulty.
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