Ağrımak ve acımak

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    "Ağrımak"la "acımak" fark olduğunu ingilizce bilmek istiyorum, lütfen.

    I know they both mean hurt in English, but how do you distinguish them?

    For example, "kalbim ağrıyor" and "kalbim acıyor" mean two different things; one means that the heart hurts physically and the other, emotionally. Which one is which I couldn't tell you, but I just get that feeling.

    Çok teşekkürler herkese !
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    Merhaba :)

    Acımak is more acute, I'd say.
    When a knife cuts your skin, you express what you feel with acımak.
    It's sort of like the initial pain. Like if you hit me in the face, at that moment it would hurt (acımak), but after that I would have an ache (ağrımak) in that area.

    Also, acımak is more "visible", and so internal pains would rather be conveyed with ağrımak, such as: headache, toothache, stomach ache, kidney ache etc.

    And then there is that...
    Yes, as I said, internal pains are rather expressed with ağrımak, so kalbim ağrıyor means you have a heart ache; while kalbim acıyor is an idiomatic expression meaning you are emotionally hurt: heartbroken, deeply sad.

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