a-și călca pe inimă

Baba May

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What possibilities are there to translate a-și călca pe inimă into English?

After doing some research, here are some results, but I am not sure to what extent they correspond to the original idiom:
(1) to do violence to one's conscience
(2) to act against one's wish / will / desire
(3) to have a change of heart
(4) to accept a compromise
(5) to give up
(6) to make a concession

Are there any other options?
  • Haji Firouz

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    Hello Baba May,

    I would use:
    "To act against one's own heart" (on the contrary, Mr Darcy acted "against his own better judgement", to compare with the opposite situation).

    Another idea is:
    "To make war against one's own heart"

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    Baba May

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    Thank you both ! I like the idiom "to make war against one's own heart", it suits colloquial contexts very well and it contains the keyword "heart". "To accept or agree to something reluctantly or grudgingly" is also good, more suitable in contexts that are slightly more formal.