a “Rosenbloom” on every corner

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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Beig Late by Thomas Friedman.

A letter from the Coen brothers to Thomas Friedman.

What created this oddly local flowering of intellectual activity? Why, indeed, is St. Louis Park commonly called the City of Flowers? Because there’s a “Rosenbloom” on every corner? Coincidence?

What is a "Rosenbloom"? A flower shop/store (shop/store thatsells flowers)?
And why is "Rosenbloom" in quotes? As far as I know companty names are not usually put in quotes in English?

Thank you.

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    Rosenbloom is a Jewish name for one and you can also pronounce it as rose in bloom (a flowering rose).
    It is a joke about the growth (flowering) of intellectual activity around there.
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    What is a "Rosenbloom"? A flower shop/store (shop/store thatsells flowers)?
    I believe St. Louis Park has a large Jewish population. Rosenbloom or Rosenblum is a common Jewish name.
    And why is "Rosenbloom" in quotes?
    The author's punning on Rosenbloom because it sounds like "rose in bloom" and is saying that the city might be called the City of Flowers because there are many Rosenblooms (people called Rosenbloom) there.

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