"a 1-year work permit" vs "an 1-year work permit"

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I am preparing my cover letter for finding job in a new country in which I have work permit for one year. What I will write:

"with a 1-year work permit" or "with an 1-year work permit"?
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    Hi, It's "a one-year/1-year work permit", because the choice of the 'a' or 'an' form of the indefinite article depends on the pronunciation, not the spelling, of the following word, and "one" is pronounced as though it began with the consonant "w.


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    Hello, Konstantinos

    "An one" doesn't work:(.

    You choose "a" or "an" depending on whether the sound that follows is a vowel sound or a consonant sound. The word "one" starts with a consonant sound /w/ ~ so it's a 1-year work permit:).


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