A 10 student team OR a 10 studentS team?

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I'm writing my resume and I have a problem with the following points:
- management of a 10 student (or studentS?) team
- in charge of the theatrical screening (or screeningS?) management

I would tend to write studentS and screeningS because there are several students in the team and I manage several screenings, but I noticed that we say "Human Resource management" and not "Human ResourceS management" for example...

Thank you very much for your help!
  • Andygc

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    I'll just answer your first question, as the forum doesn't allow multiple questions in a thread.

    A 10-student team is no different from other such descriptions. A six-foot man, a 12-yard putt, a 15-kilometre walk, a three-week holiday.


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    10-student is an adjective and adjectives are not inflected or plural

    management of a 10 students team :cross:
    management of a 10 student team :cross:
    management of a 10-student team :tick: -> note the hyphen.

    management of a team of 10 students -> what we actually say. :thumbsup:

    (crosspost with Andy)


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    Oh I get it now - actually I didn't see "10-student" as an adjective. That was my problem.
    (and I was also wondering about the hyphen)

    Thank you PaulQ!
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